Why Everyone Should Consider Teaching English in South Korea

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CIEE Teach Abroad

CIEE Teach Abroad

In some way or another, Korean culture has made its way into many of our lives. Whether its fashion, cosmetics, Olympic Games or K-Pop, South Korea continues to have an influence. This reason, amongst others, has led many bright, young and adventurous teachers and travelers to discover South Korea for themselves. Between the incredible opportunity, culture, food and stunning cities, after reading this you’ll be considering teaching English in South Korea for yourself.


In Asia, there is high demand for English teachers, and for many, South Korea has been the ideal destination to capitalize on these opportunities. Teachers can either enter into the public or private school systems and work with a younger generation of students. Although they’re young, these students are far more advanced than what you might expect. Therefore, as a teacher in South Korea you’ll have the opportunity to truly help South Korean students who wish to excel academically.

Teachers in South Korea work as full-time lead teachers and are compensated accordingly for it. In addition to the higher salaries, teachers also get to enjoy rent-free housing, subsidized health insurance and even one-way airfare! Compared to other teaching locations, South Korea certainly exceeds in the department of teacher benefits.

South Korea is a location for those who are serious about teaching, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for those serious about travel.


South Korea is a booming metropolitan country with unique and fast-growing cities scattered throughout its regions. As a teacher you could be placed in any number of different cities and locations including the nation’s capital Seoul, the fashion capital of Daegu, one of the largest cities in the country, Busan, and many more!

Although teachers work full time, there is still plenty of time to travel on weekends and vacation days. You’ll be able to visit some pretty amazing destinations such as the island of Jeju.

This volcanic island is often referred to as “Korea’s Hawaii” due do its tropical climate and beauty as well as its beaches and waterfalls.

Test your palette and stuff your stomach at the Gwangjang Market in Seoul, one of the oldest and most traditional markets in the country.

Escape the modern cities and discover a more traditional side of South Korea by visiting Bukchon Hanok Village. A stunning village with traditional Korean homes, and fascinating culture and architecture.

Consider South Korea

Though it may not be the highest on your Asian travel list, South Korea is an excellent place to live, teach and have an incredible cultural experience. South Korea is home to dozens of undiscovered tastes, sights, and adventures. As teacher you’ll earn an extremely competitive salary and live there for free! For teachers abroad, and all who are looking for a fascinating getaway, South Korea should definitely be considered.

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