When the Kids are Out of School

Authored by:
Ellen M.

Ellen M.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Apparently, when the kids start getting this, they close down the school. Our school has been closed from Wednesday, the 10th, until Thursday, the 18th. We have a holiday next week, so the kids are really only missing Monday of next week.

Teachers still have to come to school, and because I’ve finished all my grading, I’ve been getting very creative on how I’m spending my time. So far I’ve colored a lot, and chatted with coworkers, and browsed websites. Luckily we have also been planning our English camp, which is in October. That has taken up some time.

I don’t remember schools in America ever closing down when viruses or illnesses were going around. The high school is still open, so there are some students here, but mostly it seems very empty and quiet. I’ll be glad when my students are back and I can teach again!

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