What is it like to teach in Spain? Get the facts

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Carla Jeane G.

Carla Jeane G.

You made it! and now is time to teach! At the beginning is a lot of adjustment and getting use to a different world.

The amazing thing is that you will make hundredths of new friends instantly.  Teachers like you! and all in the same CIEE program. You become glue.

It’s a great opportunity to do something different for a while.

Here are the facts of what is like:

  • It’s only from October (when classes start) till June (when classes end).

So, basically 8 months of teaching.

  • You will teach at Public School.  (Either High School or Middle or a Mix if you are needed.)
  • Not everyone is meant to be a teacher, so this will give you a good heads up.
  • If you already a teacher, is the same old thing like any high school or middle school back home. With all the downs and ups
  • You teach 4 days a week.
  • It will be all day thing.You will get home 4-6 pm daily
  • The way of transport are Metros. They are busy (like subways in New York). You may have to take two or three. And mix it with buses depending on school location.
  • Sometimes living close to your school is not going to work out.
  • My school was  11/2 to 2hours travel time from City of Madrid. (Counting all the walking)
  • You wake up at around 6 o 7 am


  • What is the day like at the your school?

 Think of it as a 8am-6pm ordeal. You need to be in school at around 8am and you will get home at about 6pm. (of course each school will be different) but this is general.

  • Here is my schedule of actual classes

9 am- 1st  period (periods are 45 minutes)

10 am- 2nd period


11-noon- 3rd  period

Noon-1pm- 4th period

1-2pm- 5th period

After 2pm meetings or various other things to do related to school.

 Most schools end around 2pm. Since, in Spain everyone is send home to eat lunch (generally). There is no lunch cafeteria style like back in our schools.

  •  What are you going to do?

Well that depends on your level of experience in teaching. If you have taught before, they might give you the whole period to teach. If you do not have any experience, you still need to come up with some type of teaching. I would strongly suggest if you planning on teaching as a profession to get TEFL or TESOL certification. It will help you a lot! to become more successful in the classroom. Its expensive, but if you are thinking of become a full time teacher, I would do it. If you are just trying to see what is like and wanting to just travel, then I would not!

 I think every classroom deserves a good teacher. Be as prepare as you can to do your best.

 The most important thing is to have fun doing it.

 Yes, Together we can make learning Fun! So have fun and Enjoy it!

 What was it like for you to teach?

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