What to Expect Before Departure

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Kelly P.

Kelly P.


Maybe you've been accepted into your dream program or maybe you're still curious how this program works. Either way, I want to share how CIEE prepares you for departure. Here are a few things about CIEE that have been extremely helpful for me as I prepare to teach abroad.

1. Communication
CIEE is always an email or phone call away. You will have a contact that will be for your specific program and will help you with any questions that come up. I have emailed my contact at various hours of the day and he always gets back to me in a very timely manner. I've been impressed with how responsive CIEE has been throughout the entire process, from the beginning to now. 

2. Updates
With COVID being a big hurdle in the departure process, requirements to enter Thailand are continuously changing. CIEE has done an exceptional job informing all of the participants of any new information or documents that are needed to obtain a Visa or to enter Thailand. The Visa instructions are always updated as soon as new information is available. CIEE also holds multiple webinars to answer questions and give additional information to it's participants You have the option to attend the live webinar or watch the recording at a later date. 

3. School Placement
About a month before your departure, CIEE will send you a very detailed report about your school. I did not expect to get 19 pages of information about my school, town, accommodation, etc. It had more information than I even thought I needed to know. After reading through the school placement packet, I was ecstatic and confident about where I was teaching. 

4. Files
Before departure, CIEE will add you into a Facebook group as a platform to get to know other teachers traveling with you, have open discussions about different topics, and a place to ask questions before departure. Within this group, CIEE will also post different files with additional information to help you prepare. Some documents they post include a packing list, FAQ about medication/immunizations, and lesson planning. Again, more information that I didn't realize I actually needed but thankful I have it. 

 I'm about a week out before my big move to Thailand and I couldn't be more thrilled or excited!  Although Covid has made things a little more tricky, I cannot wait to embark on this new adventure. CIEE has done an exceptional job with preparing me for my departure. Hats off to the CIEE/OEG staff that has worked tremendously hard to prepare all of the Thailand teachers. Thanks to CIEE, I'm beginning this adventure feeling prepared and confident.

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