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Cassandra U.

Cassandra U.

So I've been in Jeju for a little bit more than a month. Things have been interesting since I got here. I started at the private school the following morning after I arrived. It was a bit unexpected to get thrown into a classroom less than 12 hours after I arrived but whatever, gotta roll with the punches. I never got any training but I've figured things out for the most part.

My kiddos are a blessing, they are around Korean ages 5-7. Which is a year or two higher than the rest of the world. But they are hard workers and have been kind to me.

I've been able to adventure around Jeju and onto the mainland a little bit which has been fun. I went to Udo Island a week after I arrived, and I was in Seoul a few weeks after that. Soon will be the orientation in Seoul! I can't believe how much time has passed since I have been here. I've adjusted well, and I get along with the other foreign teachers at my school. One of them is actually part of the CIEE program as well and started a week or two before me. It's been helpful having her around.

The weather here is a bit dreadful but that's fine. I am really getting sick of typhoons but it's better than never ending blizzards from back home. I like the temperature here but the lack of sun is depressing.

Hopefully, the weather calms down a little bit? But I'll try and update more often! I feel bad for having this blog but then not doing it.

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