Welcome to the Jungle!-Piso Hunting!-Things to keep in mind

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Carla Jeane G.

Carla Jeane G.

Piso hunting is Not!!! so Cheesy! You will feel like screaming yours hairs out! Sometimes LOL

Here are the realities and a few things to keep in mind:

1) Be an early bird! -My advice Get there early!!!!The earlier the better!!

(I suggest saving about 1-2k before going, so start piling your pennies)

What do I mean by early? August.  b/c September is a nightmare! A jungle and you will be as stress as ever.

2) Three ways to hunt

Choice One = A room in someone else’s apartment (Piso)

Choice Two = Your own furnished apartment with people you know.

Choice Three = Your own furnished studio

Lets dig it:

Choice One- Getting a room in someone else’s apartment:

  • Downside-

-u have no clue who u living with. 
-It takes longer to search since, since you are being “chosen”
-You might end up in apartment with boys and girls as well. And sharing bathrooms.

  • Upside-

I-t will be (supposedly) less costly- (400-600 Euros) for a room, as of 2018 prices, Rooms in Pisos are going up.

  • How to search? Thru Idealista.com

For a Room= Using the English version- Search by: Pressing  “Rent” then “Room”  then “Madrid” choose your neighborhood.  You can either draw it in the map or search by name.

  • How to contact?

Most will be local numbers- So having a Spain’s cell phone will help a lot.

  • Is it best to call or send a message? If you call, you will get a quicker response and you will make sure is a real listing. Brushing your español will be helpful. If the person does not speak English.


Choice Two- Getting your own apartment with people you know

  • Downside-

-Be sure your roommates are committed to stay and responsible to pay. Otherwise you might end up having to get another roommate and you covering the cost.

  • Upside-

-You are going to select an apartment of your choice.

-You might end up getting something nicer and updated. (Prices are about 1000-2000 monthly )
When it comes down to reality splitting the cost in your own apartment, might be the same as renting a room in some else place (sometimes u need to pinch in for utilities in a room)
Finding roommates with other fellow CIEE people. The best way to find a roommate is via CIEE Teach in Spain Facebook page which you will be part of, once you decide to go and it is just for participants, which is great! In my FB group there were aver 400 people)
I would go this route!

  • How to search?

Thru Idealista.com- This process is important for a furnished apartment hunt.

Select English version- then Rent- Then Homes- Select Madrid then press Search and pick a neighborhood , once you see the list of possible apartments Filter!!! Where it say “Equipment” click furnished.

  • How do to Contact?

When you search for an apartment- Most of the time will be thru a real estate company, they will speak English (most of the time). Thru a company is more formal plus every time u see a piso  you will sign a form with the real estate agent.

Choice Three- Your own Studio

  • Downside-

It is a little more expensive.

  • Upside =

-Having your own place is nice.
-You might find in different price range depending on LOCATION!
-They range from 400-2,000, more than likely the average is about 800-900 monthly

  • How to search?

Same process as searching for an apartment. Use idealista as well.

  • How to contact?

You might find a mixture of private owners and real estate agencies.

♦A huge piece of advice is to really give yourself at least a month!!! To look without stressing yourself !  and before!!! Classes start

Once you have that key! You will feel as happy as a bird and ready to concentrate on teaching.

-Add your comments- How did it go for you?

Wishing you All the best! with this

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