A Weekend in Seoul—A Look Inside CIEE’s Weekend Retreat!

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CIEE’s Weekend Retreat is one of the many benefits of CIEE’s Teach in South Korea programs! A weekend where teachers meet in Seoul and have the chance to make friends and meet local CIEE staff! A few weeks ago, the CIEE Seoul team hosted the Spring 2024 Retreat—let’s walk through the weekend:


CIEE Teachers outside the Greater Seoul Area travel to Seoul and check-in to the hotel. 

retreat 8


CIEE Teachers living in Seoul traveled to the hotel and met the other teachers. Then, everyone made their way to the Seminar Room to attend a two-hour Guest Lecture. They discussed the logistics of living in Korea, teaching advice, and how to effectively communicate with Korean colleagues.  

retreat 5

Around noon, they ate lunch and had some free time before going to the Kimchi Master Class! The teachers spent one-hour learning how to make kimchi. 

retreat 6
retreat 7
retreat 9

They had a few hours after the class before the Group Dinner. While there, the local staff organized a CIEE Indie Concert for the teachers. 

retreat 8


Everyone meets at the Farewell Lunch before they make their way back to their respective cities.

retreat 7