We Need to Talk About Korean Air

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Chrissy D.

Chrissy D.

I have been officially spoiled by Korean Air.

This flight was truly an amazing experience, especially because it was funded by my job. Private schools in Korea will often pay for your flight, and if you're lucky like me Korean Air will be the cheapest ticket. When I stepped into the plane I was greeted by a flight attendant descending the stairs. Yes, you read that right, the plane had two floors. While looking for my assigned spot I noticed little water bottles on the seats waiting for each passenger. Flight attendants quickly walked around handing out little baggies with headphones, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and slippers. They were also playing ABBA instrumentals in the background, which is probably just a personal preference, but I thought it was amazing. Now you may be thinking, "Chrissy, do you really need extra toiletries and a Mamma Mia soundtrack on a flight to Korea?" My answer is absolutely yes. Don't underestimate how comforting falling asleep in a pair of slippers can be, or how refreshing brushing your teeth after a meal will feel. 

Speaking of the meals, Korean Air has even perfected airline food. Of the three lunch options I chose bibimbop, which came with fresh fruit and veggies, seaweed soup and an assortment of sides. The flight attendant, noticing that I look very distinctly non-Korean, nicely explained that if I didn’t like spicy I could just leave out the chili paste. I proceeded to empty the entire chili paste container onto my food because I am not a quitter.  For dinner I chose chicken with mashed potatoes, veggies and carrot cake. All very good, and the flight attendant didn't even have to explain it to me. 

Jokes aside, being spoiled on the flight helped ease any anxiety about moving clear across the world for a year. If South Korea has international flights down, then I am excited to see what other areas they have perfected. Overall, flying Korean Air was a really wonderful first impression of my new home. 






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