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Kelly P.

Kelly P.

As exciting as Thailand can be, it can also be a little overwhelming. You have so much on your bucket list which can make it hard to decide where to go and what to see. Thailand is incredible and it's so fun to explore a new part of Thailand each weekend. You will find yourself traveling quite often but even if you stay in your town for a weekend, you can spend time exploring local spots and meeting new people. When it comes time to choose a weekend activity, these are few resources we use to help us have a fun weekend!  

1. Ask your OEG friends

Word of mouth and social media have been a great way to learn more about Thailand. We see other OEGs doing something fun or exploring a new town, so we reach out to get the name of the places that they visit and their honest opinion of it. We were visiting a town for the weekend and noticed the town had multiple elephant sanctuaries but we had previously seen another OEG post about going to an elephant sanctuary a few weeks prior so we asked the name of it and what the experience was like. This has happened on many occasions so asking other OEGs what things they have done is a great resource. 

2. Books

A previous OEG had recommended the book, “500 Hidden Secrets of Bangkok” before I left, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are near Bangkok. If my friends and I aren't sure what to do on the weekend, we open up the book and choose something to do. The book has everything from parks, movies theatres, rooftops, speakeasies, shopping malls, ice cream stores, Mexican restaurants, etc. It is so fun to see many of the hidden gems in Bangkok and makes planning a weekend less overwhelming. 

3. Airbnb

I tend to look at Airbnb for places to stay but I recently looked up experiences near the part of Bangkok we were in and found a cooking class. It was one of the most fun things we have done since arriving in Thailand! We invited a few other OEGs that live near Bangkok and it was such a fun day. Research the different experiences because they have so many things to offer that you may not know about. 

4. Ask the locals

They are locals and know all of the hidden gems that your town has to offer! We talked with coworkers that have lived in Thailand for quite some time and our coworkers always have the best hidden spots to tell us about! Most of the time, the activities are cheap or free. Talk with coworkers or locals you meet in town because they always have the best advice for activities!

5. Instagram

If you look on Instagram and search a specific area with a #, so many places will show up! I recently found some cute cafes in my smaller town because of an Instagram search. Most of the time, locations are posted so it's easy to find. There were so many more cute cafes and restaurants near my home that I had no idea about. 

Hopefully, you will be able to make some life long memories using these resources!

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