Top 10 Items I'm Glad I Brought From America

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Kelly P.

Kelly P.


Although almost everything I could possibly need to live in Thailand can be purchased here, there are a few things I am so happy that I brought from America. I’m hoping this blog will help you as you begin to pack for your new adventure!

1. Letters of Encouragement

Before I left, I asked all my friends, family, and coworkers to write me letters of encouragement that I could bring with me. I knew there would be hard days and days that I needed a little extra encouragement. These letters have been extremely helpful when I’m feeling down or just need a smile.

2. Card Games

I brought a few card games like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, and Phase 10. These are fun to play with a group of friends on a Friday night and it’s a fun way to get to know other teachers from your school. Card games can be challenging to find here and every time we play, it always ends up with lots of laughs.

3.Prints for Decoration

I ordered a few prints on Etsy before I left to help my room feel like home. They were so easy to pack because they were flat and light weight. When I arrived in Thailand, I purchased a few picture frames and put the prints in the frames. These prints have helped me make my room feel like home. It’s extremely hard to find any quotes or decorations with English words, so having English quotes in my room, is a nice touch.

4. A digital picture frame

A family member purchased a digital picture frame for me before I left and it’s one of my absolute favorite things I have brought. The specific picture frame that I brought is linked to an app that my family has downloaded. They can send me pictures on an app that will go straight to my picture frame throughout the day. Getting new pictures sent to my frame is such a highlight of my day and I love being able to see my family and friends on my frame each day.

5. A Blanket

I know this sounds silly because a blanket can be purchased anywhere in Thailand but having my own personal blanket that is from my home in Texas, gives me such comfort. It just reminds me of home after a long day at work.

6. Decorations

I brought a lot of pictures that I printed out. I also brought little clothes pins and a long strand of twine that I used to hang up pictures of my bed. It took up very little space in my suitcase and again, it just makes my room feel like home.

7. Command Hooks/Strips

You can find some similar hooks but having them right off the bat, was so convenient. I brought a variety pack and it has been great for towels, a place to hang my purse and masks, and to hang my picture frames.

8. A portable speaker

These can also be found in Thailand but I loved having my own for the first few weeks before I could find one. I used it in quarantine and at school. It’s also very convenient to bring to the pool, hotel, or the beach.

9. Reusable Bags

These have been a lifesaver! We take our bags everywhere! Many of the grocery stores do not give you a bag so you need something to transport your groceries. This also applies to the market. We bring our bags to the market and fill them with fruits and veggies.

10. Drink Packets

Because Thailand is so hot, you end up consuming a large amount of water each day. Some days, it’s hard for me to consume the amount of water I should to keep me hydrated. I brought some flavor packets for my water which helps me consume the correct amount of water. It helps give me a variety of drink choice!

Thailand has pretty much anything you will need but if you’re trying to decide to bring things that remind you of home, bring it! You will be living in the same room for a minimum of 5 months so bring important items over things you can purchase at a store in Thailand. I hope this helps when you begin packing. Stay tuned for another blog about things I wish I had brought and things that I brought that I didn’t need.

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