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Bethany G.

Bethany G.

Hey guys!! I am so excited to be living in Madrid, España in 1 month with the August 30th orientation group! I am originally from Temecula, CA, then moved to get my BS in Psychological and Brain Sciences with a minor in Speech Hearing Sciences and Disorders at UC Santa Barbara. Science is my passion! With my degrees, I am thinking about going into the Mental Health field or Speech therapy. I also dream of owning my own business one day, so we will see which direction this year in Spain takes me into! I cannot wait to explore the amazing restaurants, museums, music, bars, architecture and so much more of Madrid. My main motivation for working with CIEE in Madrid is to gain valuable cross cultural experience as well as perfect my Spanish langauge skills. I would love to be able to use Spanish to help underrepresented groups in my future workplace. 

In addition to practicing Spanish and exploring Madrid, I am looking forward to having fun with my students at my school placed in Loeches. I would love to pick up some extra English tutoring sessions to connect more with my students as well as make some extra money! I am also interested in teaching dance privates as I have been an avid dancer my whole life and have taught professionally in Santa Barbara for years. Dance has been my outlet for all my life and I am very interested and excited to see what the dance industry is like in Madrid. I know there are a bunch of my fellow auxiliars who love to dance too and want to explore studios and classes in Madrid!

There are so many things I am looking forward to in my journey ahead, and I am excited to share many of them on this blog! :) All the fun times, the stressful times, the crazy, unexpected, lesson-learning times... I will share honestly and enthusiatically. I love to live life to the fullest and with that comes making mistakes at times.... but to me, that is all part of the journey of life! Cheers to the next year! Chau bellos <3 

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