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Molly C.

Hi there! Are you debating on what you should bring to Thailand? This was also something I thought about for a while too! I would definitely consider myself as someone who likes what I own and doesn’t like to stray from it. Coming to Thailand, and especially packing for Thailand, it was difficult for me to figure out what I should bring and what I could get there. With that being said, I feel like I would have appreciated a more in-depth list of items to bring on this adventure. So, for those with a similar dilemma, here is a list of what I packed that I am grateful for, things I’m not so grateful for, and some things that I wish I brought. 


A little side note is that your apparel/items will vary depending on what province and school you are placed in. For reference, I am living in Pattaya which is quite a large city right by the beach. I am also working at a private school where a uniform is a requirement of the teachers. Therefore, my packing list may be a bit different than those in different regions. As well, think of this as an addition to what CIEE and OEG provides. 


Starting off with the items that I am grateful I brought with me: 

  • Comfy clothes
    • Pajama PANTS
  • Jumpsuits
  • Multiple pairs of tennis shoes 
  • Sturdy pair of flip flops (Tevas)
  • Lotion  
  • Photos from home
  • Speaker 
  • Loose clothing
  • Tshirts
  • One piece bathing suits
  • Feminine products

These are some of the items that I wear/use daily. I wear tennis shoes to work so bringing multiple pairs was essential! As well, walking is my main source of transportation around my suburb, so bringing comfortable shoes is very important. I also have found that most of my shoes will get wet from something, so coming to terms with that is a good idea. My motto here is the looser the clothing, the better. I found that I enjoy my time much more when my clothes are not stuck to my body! Lastly, OEG does stress that bringing feminine products is a smart idea, and I fully agree. I will recommend buying a DIVA cup, not only is it much more environmentally friendly, but it also saves space. 

Sanctuary of Truth

Some of the pieces I could have done without:

  • Lots of shorts… (biker shorts, running shorts, jean shorts) 
  • Tank tops 
    • Regular and athletic
  • Leggings 


I would consider my style to be comfortable cute. I found myself not wearing a lot of my regular outfits mostly because it is very hot and the style/acceptable style here is very different from back home. In realizing that, I don’t need all the pieces of clothing that I brought from home. I rarely wear shorts and tank tops because, and I know this sounds crazy, the heat does not make much of a difference whether you are wearing shorts + short sleeves or pants + long sleeves. If anything, I try to wear pants + long sleeves as much as I can to avoid bug bites! As well, politeness is crucial in Thailand, which means dressing more conservatively. I packed leggings as my outdoor pants, but again rarely wear them because they are not very polite. If I do, I pair them with a long t-shirt. I will say that I am glad I brought some tank tops and shorts because there are moments where I can escape the outside world and wear what I please. So, bring what you desire, I will just caution making it your whole wardrobe. 


Some of the items I wish I brought and am sad I don't have:

  • Pants 
    • Linen pants 
    • Jeans / cargo pants  
  • More business casual outfits 
  • Long sleeve shirts 
  • Longer dresses/ skirts 
  • Going out tops 
  • Advil / Ibuprofen / Tums 

I personally feel like I have a capsule wardrobe at home, and wish I brought more of my favorite items. I strayed from bringing them because I thought I wouldn’t want them in the heat or I would lose them in travel. I wish I thought differently at the time of packing. Although Thailand has a great selection of clothing items, a lot of pants are too short for me, the price point is pretty much the same, and I can’t always justify buying items that I know I have replicas of back in the states. So, if you would like to bring extra money to spend on clothes that you already have, I would recommend bringing these items from home! 

I added a bit of medicine because although medicine is less expensive in Thailand, there are some meds that I am having trouble locating. I also have found that when I am not feeling well, I don’t always want to head to 7/11 to find it. So just bring some for emergencies! 

First Dinner Out


Things I bought in Thailand: 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Makeup 
  • Face moisturizer 


These are items that I have bought here in addition to what I packed. I have found that the sunscreen is in fact less expensive in Thailand and works well. I also have bought my fair share of makeup being here, however, I did bring my regular makeup as well. 


An additional recommendation: 

  • Bring baht from home! 


Coordinate with your local bank and do an exchange. ATMs here are easily accessible, but they do charge you a fair amount both through the ATMs bank and your bank at home. As well, bring more baht than you think. It is recommended to have around 1000 USD, but I would exchange close to $500 of that. The reason being is that you will most likely not be paid until the end of your first month teaching and most places only take cash. Therefore, you may have to go to an ATM a fair amount before your first paycheck.