The Return

Authored by:
Robyn F.

Robyn F.

Snow fills the streets. Sun shines anew.

What is this land I’ve returned to?

Ears straining for familiar sounds.

Eyes darting, up, down, all around.


I should know this place by now.

Know these streets and know this town.

But time has forced a change, you see.

Within this place inside of me.


I don’t feel home, don’t feel abroad.

It’s like I’m living a facade.

I don’t fit here, I don’t fit there.

And yet I fit in everywhere.


I long to be where I come from.

To see the mountains, rivers, sun.

I long to stay and live this life.

To love both lands, withstand this strife.


My heart is torn between the two

What is the path that I should choose?

Each day I learn more than I know.

But how much do I want to grow?


The story changes day to day.

Routine returns, snow melts away.

As life awakens here once more,

The enemy is waging war.


One thing I know with all my heart,

That he cannot tear me apart

So I will wait, and time will tell

Of how God loves me oh so well.


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