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Erika N.

Erika N.


In bold letters on my to do list read: “APPLY TO BE AN EXPERT CIEE BLOGGER.”

This is one of the other great perks that CIEE’s program has to offer. I was excited to embark on this new journey to teach abroad in Madrid, Spain but something inside me was screaming “apply to be a blogger.” I have a strong passion for writing (something that I usually keep private.) But it’s a place where I can completely be vulnerable and not feel afraid to speak about what’s on my mind. That’s why I made sure to apply for this opportunity, I thought “wait this would be a great way to capture my journey & to help other’s who may want to do the same in the future.”

 Once I had been accepted into the program (I found myself dancing with excitement and running around the house looking for my parents to tell them about the exciting news.) I immediately opened up my laptop and began writing my first blog post “La Aventura Comienza.” After posting my first blog I promised myself that I would post frequently to capture and highlight my journey along the way. But after a month of living here in Madrid, I have let procrastination take the wheel. To be honest I found myself walking to my favorite coffee shop Plenti (I highly recommend you check this place out!) Where I would open up my laptop and immediately find an excuse to avoid writing my second blog. Everyday I would say “tomorrow’s the day where I will officially write my second blog I promise… But now I know that I can no longer use that excuse. The world rewards action and saying that I will “write tomorrow” compared to putting forth the action of me actually writing has a major difference.

 Now that school has finally started I am ready to discipline myself & I will start blogging a lot more frequently. Because from what I’ve discovered this past month is that there are a lot of topics I would love to write about to help other future CIEE participants. This month has not only been challenging (the apartment hunt) but rewarding and exciting in every possible way imaginable.

Here’s a tip I would love to share. Try to avoid letting “procrastination” take the wheel. Discipline yourself and sit down in your favorite coffee shop & apply for this program; because I promise you this adventure is entirely worth it.

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