Pre-departure thoughts.

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Zachary M.

Zachary M.

Today is September 22, 2020, I’ve completed my Visa application and sent it in on August 20th it took months to prepare before I could be accepted. I was so happy to hear it only a week later, so I assumed I was all set to go. I began selling all my things and storing the memories with my friends so that someday we might be reunited. My La Crosse exit sign gifted by a road worker whom I befriend in my early twenties threw me a raging going away party. Long before I was a vegetarian, I enjoyed the smokey meat of a boar that they had smoked for nearly a full day. It was mouth-watering goodness to the last bite and with a full crew, the scraps soon turned to the dogs. We had a lovely little volleyball tournament for my going away this year. I seem to always be on the move ready to find the new oasis. Once I land in Spain I hope to make friends and one day I will have them hold onto my trinkets, like the ones my friends hold so dear here in the U.S. In truth, it’s the people you hold dear that make up your personality and I take little bits from everyone I choose to accept into my life. It’s made me who I am. I am ready for my flight the next step is only a phone call away. All I have to do now is hurry up and wait.

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