Pink Grass Is All The Rage

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Jessica B.

Turns out in the early fall there is a unique phenomenon that happens in certain areas around South Korea.

Namely, large sections of grass turn pink.

Like full-on, bright, bubble-gum pink.

It's wild.

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There happened to be an area near where I live in Daegu that claimed to have some of this legendary plant for our viewing pleasure.

I'll admit, I was skeptical. On our way there, I was very much convinced that this would be 'pink' in the same way that pigs are 'pink.' Like it's pink, sure, but it's the watered down, happy-hour version of what the color pink wants to be.

But this grass? This grass was pink.

Photo for blog post Pink Grass Is All The Rage

The grass was spread out underneath a bridge, in a rather random spot to be honest. There wasn't much else to do there besides take pictures. And we took SO MANY PICTURES. Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed by how many pictures we took.

I'm also willing to admit that I am, quite certaintly, the actual worst at coming up with creative picture ideas. When it is my turn in front of the camera it's like I forget how the mechanics of my body actually work. It's a painful process to watch. Thank goodness for friends who are willing to say, 'Yeah, that's not a great look...let's try something else..hmm?'

As the sun was setting, the light changed as well, and the grass that had previously been a shade of classic, bubble-gum pink, deepened into a rich shade of magenta. Throw in the golden rays of the last bit of sunlight and it's safe to say I am truly obsessed.

Photo for blog post Pink Grass Is All The Rage

I never want to live in another house that doesn't have this growing everywhere. I even took a photo of the exact species of grass, so I have it instantly on hand when I go to the plant nursery.

And, yes, I will be generous and share it here with you, because, let's be honest, what bad day can't be made better by coming home to a entire lawn full of whimsical, fantastical, pink-sical grass.

Photo for blog post Pink Grass Is All The Rage

I highly recommend taking the time to go and see the pink grass in South Korea if you happen to visit during the early fall season. Even after seeing if with my own eyes, I could hardly believe how bright and vivid the color was in real life. It is definitely worth the effort.

Photo for blog post Pink Grass Is All The Rage