Once Upon a Dream

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Danny S.

Danny S.

The first weekend of November, I went to Germany. I have never been, and didn't know what to expect. My friend Becca and I picked Munich based off of the fact that the tickets were the cheapest and we hadn't been to Gemany yet. That's apparently how I do things now! I used to do a ton of research and plan everything I wanted to do before going to a place but this time, I didn't do any of that! It paid off because this was my favorite trip so far!

Ok, I lied. I guess I did a little bit of research beforehand. I did a quick google search of what was near Munich and found out Neuschwanstein Castle was just a day trip away! Becca thought it sounded fun too so I booked tickets in advance for the castle. There are two castles and long story short, I was only able to get tickets for Hohenschwangau and not Neuschwanstein Castle. Due to a big issue with Germany's terrible train system, we missed our time for Hohenschwangau and somehow got tickets for Neuschwanstein instead. Totally worked out in our favor! This is the caslte Sleeping Beauty's caslte is based off of so the Disney fanatic in me was fangirling over a building. The other two days we spent in Germany, we just walked. We saw so much of the city, and it was perfect.

I can't go into detail about the trip because, honestly, I don't remember too many details! What I do remember is I had the best time! It was the first weekend of November and the foliage was amazing! We spent some time in Fussen, the town where the castles are located. Its gorgeous! We walked around at 7:00 at night and it was empty. It was very strange but made it seem even more special. Its a Bavarian village. For those who don't know, Yankee Candle has a headquarters in Massachusetts and it has a Bavarian Villiage inside. All I kept thinking in Fussen was how much it reminded me of Yankee Candle. I know the real Germany was first, but I saw Yankee Candle first, so I have it backwards in my head!

Things I learned in Germany:
-The men all travel in packs. Especially on Friday eveings. There are two places you will find German men on Friday night: in the barber shops (which were the most hopping place) or on the trains/in train stations with actual crates of alcohol
-The public transportation system is TERRIBLE! What should have taken 2 hours on one train took 4 hours, two trains and a bus. This happened on the way to Fussen and the way back, so its real
-Their pretzels are really delicious, and insanely easy to find
-Germany is very vegetarian and vegan friendly! I had so many options as a vegetarian, and I was far too happy about it
-I love Germany, and will definitely be back

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