The night before... MADRID

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Kristen N.

Kristen N.

Wow I can not believe the time has come.  Tomorrow it is finally happening, I move to Madrid (: What a journey it has been navigating this opportunity with a pandemic, but I could not be more pleased with how CIEE has guided us through all the hurdles and prepared the future auxiliares for this exciting year ahead.  Prepping for this day has been such a whirlwind, I finished my job in Colorado, traveled home to Indiana to see family and swung by LA to pick up my visa.  I won't lie there has been a wide range of emotions experienced in these past few weeks, from joy to fear and excitement and nerves.  Yet, as I reflect I mostly feel grateful.  I can not wait to meet everyone at orientation and blog as I navigate culture shock, starting in my school, and all the exciting things to come.  My hope is to be present, patient and avoid my comfort zone.  See you soon Spain... 

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