My First Month in Bangkok

Authored by:
Ellen M.

Ellen M.

So, I’ve been in Thailand about a month now! So far, I’ve met some amazing people. There are some things I’m getting used to:

  • Not using air conditioning, if possible. It is so humid here, I just immediately jump in the shower after getting back to my apartment every day. I’ve also been using my fan like crazy.
  • Clothing wise, I don’t understand how Thai people are able to wear long sleeves and jackets and pants every day. I am always so hot. But I try to dress more conservatively, and not wear shorts as much.
  • Always eating out. Back in America, you could not do that if you wanted to save any money. But here, it is so cheap, and actually more expensive to grocery shop. Plus, I don’t have a kitchen in my apartment.
  • Traveling is pretty easy, and very cheap. You can buy a bus ticket for less than $10 USD and head to someplace completely different. Being in Bangkok, it is very convenient for travel on weekends.
  • Everyone wearing yellow. I have never seen so much yellow before I got to Thailand! Now, I’m pretty used to it.
  • Everyone at school wearing a specific color. We had to wear all black for about a month, and it’s funny seeing everyone dressed the same.


So far, I am loving it in Thailand! There is definitely a huge culture difference, but I love learning new things and adapting. I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for me here in Bangkok.

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