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Guadalupe H.

Hi everyone!

This summer has been one crazy adventure after another! I have less than one day left until I embark on my journey to Spain! I would like to start by talking about the 'scary' thing that everyone is very anxious about: THE VISA. Trust me when I say that the most difficult part of the process was waiting. I was so worried that I had forgetten to do the smallest details like putting the papers in order or ripping off the receipt part of the money order.  The total time it took from the moment I mailed it to when I got the acceptance email was 5 weeks and one day. I mailed it on the 24th of June and got the email on the 30th of July. The main concern I have for those who are in the process of completing it is to FOLLOW THE TIMELINE CIEE GIVES YOU! It can be easy to put things aside until the last minute, but you can't do that in this situation. As long as you follow the timeline, everything should be fine! Now, I can only speak for my own experience with the visa process. Overall, I think it went very smooth and pick up was quick (about 5 minutes).

Now let's talk about the inevitable: PACKING! I am taking only one huge luggage and then my carry-on and personal bag. With that said, I have come to the realization that I am a hoarder. I look at a t-shirt that I know I won't wear and still want to take it. With the limited space I have, you would THINK I would understand the importance of picking specific clothing. With packing comes tearing your room apart and looking at things you might have misplaced or things that you kept over time. It has been an emotional rollercoaster. I look at my photo albums, birthday cards, and many other things that throw me back in time. It continues to amaze me just how long I will be away and how much can change during my time abroad. Even with this anxiety and nervousness that I feel, I know that I am ready for this adventure. I have to shout out my family and friends, who have been very supportive since the moment I received my acceptance letter. I haven't even left yet and I miss them all already. Even with all these feelings stirring in me, the moment I step on the plane I know those will subdue to just one: eagerness!

Spain, I am ready! 

Lupe :)

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