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Gursimran V.

Hi all! I'm Simba, and I'm currently teaching in Thailand for a year.

This post is just a little something to share about myself and why I decided to join CIEE and teach in Thailand.

It started last year. I had just got back from 3 months of traveling abroad in South East Asia, spending one of those months in Thailand. Ready and with new vigor from my travels, I was ready to hit the ground running and apply for jobs so that I could save up more money and travel again. I spent days walking around London, handing my CV directly to studios and places of interest. Days turned into months, and soon enough 6 months later, I was still sitting on my sister's couch applying for jobs online. At this point I was looking for anything that would give me a few pounds in my pocket. I'm a freelance photographer, so I was still getting the odd job here and there, but nothing substantial.

I then got another rejection letter. At this point, I had almost become numb to them. I've received too many to count. But this one was different. This was a rejection letter from McDonalds. I was shocked. I thought I could at least get a part-time job at something and I heard McDonalds hardly ever rejected people. Also, I had been working since the age of 7, in my family's store, so I knew I had enough experience for McDonalds. I lay back thinking about my 3 months away, and how different the circumstances were. I had gone from living my best life, to staring at a wall waiting for companies to reply to me. 

Then I took a stand. I refuse to lie here in the UK, dealing with the lack of job prospects and grey rainy weather. I had heard about Teaching English abroad programs for a while, and so started researching into it and came across CIEE. I applied, took a TEFL course, and cleared all the processes, and here we are, in sunny Thailand. 

I still have yet to learn a lot about myself, but I'm hoping you'll join me for the ride!

See you soon