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Dana H.

Dana H.

Where to start? Since my last post, I finished my Spanish class, applied for my TIE card, said goodbye to my host mom (tears), moved all my stuff into my apartment, ziplined in Toledo, fell ill and then recovered, and booked a trip to Mallorca.

I'll start with the saying goodbye to my host mom, sweet angel Isabel. My roommate Lauren and I were pretty sad to leave the comfort of her home, unfiltered sense of humor, and delicious homemade Spanish meals (honestly dinner was the best part of each day). We hoped that we were cool enough that she would still want to hang out with us after our two weeks were up and we were in LUCK because she has asked us both to give tutoring lessons to her 15-year old son. I don't want to brag, but this is pretty much the highest honor a host mom can bestow upon you. Also she gave us coupons to Nickelodeonland.. which we don't know what that is but we will soon find out.

Now onto the Toledo trip. It's free with the abono (public transport card) and you can get there in under an hour by bus from Plaza Eliptica. However once you get there, be forewarned that you have to pay entry to even enter most of the Cathedrals. Other than religious buildings, Toledo has a lot of windy uphill roads and shops that sell handmade goodies like swords, jewelry, and trinkets. It also has the longest urban zipline in Europe so you can fly right through the city. If you have a student ID, you can fly twice for 10 euros, hey-o!

To sum up the apartment situation, I am still trying to adapt to living in close quarters with other people again, and literally being able to hear the sizzling of the pan as the neighbor fries their breakfast, the crying of another neighbor's baby, and the reggaeton music of yet another. I can't help but think of the "morning's here" singing neighbor in Friends, the one who Rachel loathes and Joey loves. It's all about perspective. That's Lavapies for you; it's quite lively and intimate. And after pushing my luggage uphill from the Lavapies metro, and then up four flights of stairs, I am gonna be here for a while.

This week I am also speaking with three possible English tutoring side gigs, wish me luck!

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