Holidays Abroad in South Korea

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Jayde G.


(Me and my family rocking Christmas sweaters.)

With Thanksgiving long past and Christmas just around the corner, I wanted talk about what it is like to be away from your family during the holidays. I do realize that everyone have different attitudes when it comes to family and when it comes to the holidays and the mixture of the two; but for me the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, have always been my favorite time of the year especially during college. I loved being able to come home and be with family and eat until I could eat anymore and just be able to wind down from the stresses I endured during exam week.

Now that I am not able to come home for the holidays, it has made me miss my family even more and I can't help but to think about all of the things I'm missing out on and all of the things that I took for granted while I was with them. There were a few things that I didn't really care to do while I was home, like going from one family's house to the next during Thanksgiving or decorating the Christmas tree, that I now wish I had an opportunity to do.

I'm not going to lie, if you and your family are really close and you love being with them on the holidays living in abroad for a whole year is going to be tough; but it's not all sad. I made friends here and was able to convince them to have a Thanksgiving dinner with me. We spent all day shopping and cooking a big meal that we could enjoy together. It was the first time I've ever made a whole Thanksgiving dinner, and sitting down and seeing what we created together and then stuffing out faces made me feel at home. 23795886_1790769700941413_6268521076099725936_n

(Final picture of out Thanksgiving dinner.) 

Also for Christmas this year my fiance is coming to visit me and I will be able to share all of the wonderful cultural experiences that I have enjoyed with him. 

So, even though my holidays are not going to be same without being back home and with my family, I do get to make new and exciting memories here in South Korea. 

Happy Holidays!

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