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We asked some Teach Abroad alumni how they met their partner abroad. The answers did not disappoint! Haven’t found LOVE abroad? That’s fine, most of CIEE teachers abroad said they only date their passports. 

Love while teaching English in South Korea

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Krystle and Matt met while teaching English in Ulsan, South Korea in 2012. They found out that an expat bar was handing out free Guiness on April 14th (Black Day or Single’s Day). This is an unofficial holiday where singles go out and mourn their singleness while indulging in comfort food. Fast forward, they got married, started a business together, and have two young daughters.

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Alexis met her partner, Gilnam, three years ago when she was introduced by a coworker in Pyeongtak. Now their wedding is in a few months! 

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Cimone started teaching with CIEE Teach Abroad in 2017. She was placed in a small city called Paju near the North Korean border. She was a bit bummed that she didn’t get placed in Seoul. However, she was so happy with her placement in a smaller city, Gyeonggi-do because that is she met the love of her life! They met in March 2018 and through whirlwind romance they got engaged in July. In August they made it official and never looked back! All the fun and exciting times we had traveling around the country – from Donghae down to Busan – have become some of their most precious memories. They now have two children and couldn’t have started this love story without CIEE!

Love while teaching English in Thailand

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Tyler and Sophie met in the fall of 2019 as teachers in Thailand. One night, Tyler came up to Sophie’s table at orientation and asked if he could join her and some others that were planning on venturing out into Bangkok that night for dinner. From there a friendship formed, which turned into a relationship, and eventually love. Tyler and Sophie were placed in different cities in Thailand to teach, Tyler in northern Thailand in Lampang, Sophie in Chonburi, outside of Bangkok on the coast. The 8-hour bus rides didn't stop them from regularly seeing each other on weekends. When they decided to move back to the states due to Covid-19 they decided to take a leap of faith and move in together. Three years later they now reside in Denver, Colorado with their two cats and continue to enjoy exploring the mountains and traveling, with hopes to go back to SE Asia in the next few years. They both often joke that it only took flying across the world to find their life partner.

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Violet and Nick are both teachers in Thailand through CIEE! They were placed in the same school and met during orientation and clicked immediately! It has been so amazing to travel through Thailand together and explore the country while also growing a relationship.

Love while teaching English in Spain

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Amira moved to Madrid in 2021 where she met her now fiancé! You can learn more about Amira’s story and life in Spain here.

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Tayah & Maria met the old-fashioned way – they swiped right on Bumble! We always love a good swipe story and they’ve been together 16 months and going strong!

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