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Kelly P.

Kelly P.

Since moving to Thailand, I have noticed so many fruits I've never seen or heard of before! I thought it would be fun to try all the new fruits and score them out of -/10. My family and friends keep asking me about different fruits here because they have seen them on tv or YouTube so I figured why not try them all and then write about it! For each fruit, I'll tell you the name, cost, and what I think of it. Now, I'm a bit of a picky eater so my taste buds could be off, and these reviews are based on my own opinion!

1. Rambutan

Cost: 30 baht for a bag
Score: 5/10
Thoughts: It's a bit intimidating. You must open the shell and peel out the fruit. There is a large pit in the middle which made it challenging to eat. In my opinion, it was a bit flavorless. I don't know if it was flavorless because it's not in season or if I don't know how to pick out a good one. The texture was a bit like a grape.

2. Longsat

Cost: 30 Baht for a bag.
Score: 6/10

Thoughts: You had to peel the shell to get to the fruit. It was a bit sweet with a hint of sour. Had some flavor but there was a pit in the middle that I had a hard time getting out. It seemed like a lot of work for a small bite. The texture was very similar to a grape but a bit sourer than a grape.

3. Dragon Fruit

Cost: 30 Baht
Score: 9/10
Thoughts: Dragon fruit is my favorite fruit in Thailand! It has a texture similar to watermelon and very little seeds that you're able to eat. Some dragon fruit is sweeter than other but it's a refreshing snack!

4. Jackfruit
Cost: 20 Baht
Score: 8/10
Thoughts: Jackfruit wasn't too bad! The texture was a bit crunchier than I anticipated but it was very sweet and has a pit in the middle. The flavor was quite sweet so it's important to get it while it's in season.

5. Pomelo
Cost: 20 Baht
Score: 7/10
Thoughts: It is very similar to a grapefruit! It was a bit sour but has the exact texture of a grapefruit. I liked it but it was a bit too tart for me.

6. Lychee

Cost: 30 Baht for a bag
Score: 8/10
Thoughts: This was like a rambutan because of the color and the pit in the middle. I enjoyed this one more than the rambutan. It was so sweet and full of flavor. The only down fall was that it was a bit messy to eat because it was so juicy. To eat it, you have to peel off the shell and eat the meat of the fruit!

7.  Durian

Cost: 280 Baht
Score: 6.5/10
Thoughts: This fruit STUNK. Someone recommended that I put it in the fridge overnight and then try it the next day. This fruit stunk up my entire room and refrigerator, but I was determined to try it. It definitely has a distinct and potent smell but if you can get past the smell, it wasn't too terrible. It definitely isn't my favorite fruit, but it wasn't the worst fruit either. It was so expensive that I don't think I'll be purchasing it again. I also struggled to get past the fact that it looked like a chicken breast.

8. Kra Thon/ Santol

Cost: 12 Baht
Score: 8/10
Thoughts: This fruit has the texture of a peach and it's a bit fuzzy on the outside like a peach. It was a bit sour, but it was tasty! This fruit was a bit more challenging to eat and I wasn't even sure I was eating it correctly, but it tasted like a grapefruit and peach combined.

9. Salak

Cost: 30 baht for a bag
Score: 2/10
Thoughts: I hated the way this fruit felt. The outside felt like the skin of a reptile. To eat, the shell must be cut open and peeled off. It was very bitter, and I really didn't enjoy this fruit. The texture was similar to jackfruit and rambutan, but it was very bitter.

Trying each fruit was really fun! Obviously, the scores are based on my own opinion, but it was interesting to see what fruits Thailand has to offer. Other fruits that I have tried since arriving are guava, rose apple, passion fruit, and star fruit. 
A few fruits that are very uncommon in Thailand are berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. I also have not seen many peaches, plums, pears, or cherries. There are a few more fruits that I want to try but they are not in season yet. Because I’m not familiar with many of the fruits in Thailand, I struggle to know when each fruit is in season or how to pick a good one.

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