Friends-Giving - Spending Thanksgiving Abroad

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Berkley B.

It's safe to say that this year I am Thanksgiving-ed out, and I am sure you are wondering why since Spain doesn't celebrate the holiday. The reason is because all of my new American friends abroad were really inspired to keep our Thanksgiving traditions alive overseas. So what does that mean? A lot of Friendsgivings.  

My roommates and I decided to jump on that bandwagon and throw a Thanksgiving Potluck at our apartment the weekend before the holiday. We were excited to eat, drink, and get into the holiday spirit.

It was a mutual agreement that a turkey wasn't possible since we all had to work that day so we decided to get two whole chickens that looked like turkeys. Because this was potluck style, we would prepare the chicken along with a few dishes and everyone else would bring something with them; Bebida o Comida :) 

The night had arrived and  I started to feel the pressure of preparing the food and and making sure the atmosphere was perfect. This was first time that I had any hand in helping out with a dinner this large, let alone Thanksgiving which is the most important meal of the year. I now have a better understanding of how my mom must feel Thanksgiving day.

My roommates prepared most of the food and I decided that I would make the communal sangria. We all cleaned and decorated the apartment, got ourselves ready, and started to set out appetizers for our guests. We prepared the bar with wine, mixers, cups, lemons, and limes and were ready to enjoy the evening.

Once people started to arrive our nerves had settled and we were ready to enjoy the night but especially the food. Some of the dishes our friends brought were a homemade pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and apple crisp. As you can see most of the Thanksgiving favorites. Being in Spain for a few months you learn to appreciate an American dish.

Overall, the night was filled with good food, drinks, music, and conversation. Our Spanish friends who attended really enjoyed being able to celebrate an American holiday, and we were happy we were able to give back to them since all we've been doing is learning about their culture for the past two months. I believe this is what Thanksgiving is all about. Sharing experiences, knowledge, and thanks for new friends and experiences. I am especially thankful for my time abroad so far, and I am excited to continue this feeling of thanks into the holiday season. 

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