First Week of Teaching

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Kelly B.

Kelly B.

Before the first week of school, nerves were high. I have had experience working with kids but never teaching. I was in contact with the bilingual director at my school but I did not receive any information about how to prepare or what the expectations were. I just wanted to do a good job and for the kids to like me. Typically before any job, I have received a detailed outline of my duties and what was expected of me. So starting a new job with little information, was nerve-racking. 

I also started worrying about my Spanish level. Even though I am supposed to only speak English in the classes, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be helpful enough to the kids or be able to communicate with the teachers with my basic level of Spanish. Then I started thinking about how I was going to lead science classes or art classes when I studied business in school. 

For the first day, I sat on the metro for my hour commute, thinking about how the day would go. When I arrived my director was so kind and gave me a tour of the school. She brought me to all my classes so I could introduce myself to the students. They were so excited to meet me. Everyone was so interested in learning about me and they asked so many questions. When it was time for break, I met all of the teachers and the rest of the staff. They were so welcoming and everyone greeted me, even though most spoke no English. 

The rest of the week went just as smooth. I got to know the students more and asked the teachers how I could be helpful for the rest of the school year. It is still going to take time to get settled in and feel comfortable doing the job, but I am so excited for the school year. It is funny to think about how nervous I was when it was quite relaxed and everyone was so welcoming. So even if you don't have any experience teaching and you have no idea what to expect, the schools are so understanding and just as excited to work with you.


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