First trip after orientation-Fun at Oktober Fest in Germany

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Carla Jeane G.

Carla Jeane G.

 After a full day of piling info at orientation, it was time to have a blast!!!!  And unwind!!

In our CIEE Spain Facebook page, I started an event to gather people to go Oktober Fest in Germany.  We spend two days in Munich. We stayed at a hostel all from CIEE group of teachers (Auxiliares) and off we went to Munich.

The tip!!  is to plan this trip in advance!!!!!! Otherwise your ticket and hostel/hotel will be much higher. This means if you want to go to Oktober Fest in Germany, plan 3 months in advance, the dates are usually last  week of September and beginning week of October!!!! A very important!!!!!  thing to remember is to go during the WEEK!!!!! Not the weekend!!! it will double your cost.

Oktober Fest!

It’s a big festival with food and music and yes….that beer.  Nowadays you actually have a choice of non-alcoholic beer. If you not a big drinker, like I am, you still can have lots of fun eating great food and other choices. It is not just about the beer its about learning about other cultures and having a cool experience of a lifetime.

Oktober fest is a big festival with huge “tents” each represents a different thing like s type of food as “Pork” plus each tent has a local music band in which you sit down and enjoy the music, food and fun atmosphere.

The weather at this time of the year Sept 26-28 was just beautiful at about 75 degrees.  You can also do sightseeing of Munich. To get around Munich public transportation buses are very useful, one way ticket will cost about 2.50 euros.  You can also rent a bike for about an hour for about 10 euros. A very popular thing to do is to do a bike tour. Check those out.

Hope you make it! and experience. Travel its a great way to learn about the world!! and its amazing people.

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