Feeling the Love

Authored by:
Jennifer K.

Jennifer K.

Valentine's Day is a big day in American schools. As an elementary school child, I remember making a special box each year and exchanging Valentine cards and candies with my classmates.

Although Valentine's Day is not native to Thailand, it, like many other international holidays, is often celebrated by Thai people. Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year, but my sweet students were still able to fill my heart with lots of love. I taught one of my P.1 classes for my last class before Valentine's Day, and as I walked around the classroom throughout the period, a few students would put heart stickers on my dress here and there. At the end of class, they all went crazy, and I left the classroom with heart stickers all over me, from head to toe. It's safe to say that my P.1 students were my Valentines this year.

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