Embrace the Rain: Challenges Bring Growth

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Embrace the Rain: The Challenge Help us Grow

      Ok, you’ve either been teaching for a while and feel discouraged. Maybe you are looking to see if you should teach and want to know more about how to handle the upcoming challenges. What I’m about to say is nothing new, and sounds so simple, but I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is. It is a skill I’ve been working on for years and sometimes I do better than others. What that is, is to Embrace the Growth.

 Embrace the Growth

       Simple right? Wrong. Sometimes we are in the middle of something hard and we can’t see the good. However, just remember this, perspective is everything. In the future you might look back at these hard moments and realize a few things about them. 

      1)The hardest moments might actually be your most cherished memory in the future. I know that sounds crazy, and it is. But I can tell you from my experience, there was a time when I was miserable, it was hot and humid, I wasn’t feeling successful, and I was exhausted. However, when I started reflecting on that feeling I realized I was happy! I was happy because I was and  did the hard thing. I was growing and challenging myself. 

      2)The hard moments may never be a cherished moment, you may always hate it, and that's okay as well. Just remember “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone”. I heard this phrase so much it got annoying. However, it's true. CIEE and even OEG talk about having a growth mindset. This isn’t just about embracing a new culture, it’s also about being open to the personal growth you’ll experience. 

 It Rained     
school and rain

        Here’s a more recent story; I had just finished my first week of school, and it was a mess! Another teacher and I were given a schedule but we didn’t know the class codes and weren’t told clearly what they meant. We literally showed up to these classes and gave a PowerPoint about who we were and a game, but didn’t know what we were supposed to teach them. We gained information little by little throughout the day and week. 

        We went through the week with trial and error trying to learn where the students are academically (and it will take time, so be patient with yourself). I would prepare for my lessons and come out of the class feeling terrible about the lesson. I felt like I was trying to paddle a boat upstream without a paddle. By the end of the week, I was looking forward to the weekend. But then it rained, and this changed my perspective. 

        Thailand has a rainy season, so it has rained a bit, but mostly at night. My other co teacher and I were going to have to walk home in the rain. And you know what? I felt so excited to do that! I love the rain (not driving in it) but I felt so excited!

        It was during this moment I realized IT'S OKAY that I feel overwhelmed, IT'S OKAY, if I don’t get it now. I am also learning. Heck, I did the hard thing! I finished the first week of school, I came to Thailand, I got out of my comfort zone! The rain helps things grow and I was growing!

embrace the rain

       Happiness isn’t always just a smile and feelings of joy. It’s also a feeling of being at peace with your growth. You're growing when you open yourself to new experiences, and it's hard and uncomfortable, but that rain is for you, and you did amazing!  Be open to the challenges, growth is one of the greatest gifts you’ll gain on your teaching adventure. So get out there and Embrace the Rain!