El Rastro, Family Traditions, and Christmas Time

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Briana H.

Briana H.


El Rastro

Madrid's biggest flea market is officially back! From clothing to jewelry, fine leather goods, books, and old vintage pieces, "El Rastro" has something for everyone. You can find this "never-ending" flea market towards La Latina and Calle de Embajadores in the center of Madrid. Many roads and small streets are shut down in order for small business owners to set up their shop. You can find unique antiques, such as old watches, cameras, furniture, knick-knacks, and timeless pieces of artwork. The flea market typically takes place every Sunday; however, it was closed for several months because of the COVID pandemic. Due to recent protests from the locals, it has been reopened to the public. Safety measures are still being enforced at the market with barriers in place to direct the flow of traffic and police officers at every entrance, limiting the number of people who can enter at one time. Business owners are also requiring customers to use hand sanitizer before touching any items. People are so thrilled to have the memorable Sunday tradition return!


Sharing Traditions

Thanksgiving this year was extra special here in Spain. My roommates and I got to spend the holiday with some of our close Spanish friends we met in Madrid. We spent the whole evening cooking up our favorite dishes we typically have on Thanksgiving, such as sweet potato casserole, squash soup, grilled veggies, and homemade apple crisp. Being able to share your traditions with other people is an unforgettable experience. This was the first Thanksgiving that I got to not only share my family traditions with other people, but also had the opportunity to learn about my friends' cultures and traditions. 


Decorations & Christmas in Madrid 

It is now officially Christmas time in Madrid! The lights throughout the city have all turned on for the holiday season. Madrid turns on all of the lights throughout the city at the same time on a Friday evening in late November. The streets are covered with lights in the center and the numerous plazas are filled with lit-up trees. It really is magical to see the city transform in one simple moment. Not only is Madrid filled with beautiful, vibrant lights; Christmas markets are now also set up across the city. Throughout the markets, you can find a wide range of gift items for the holiday and also local delicacies made for this time of year. Like "El Rastro," I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of these various Christmas markets with my roommates and getting the chance to see how MadrileƱos celebrate the Christmas season.



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