Don't Miss This in Segovia

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Kailey R.

Kailey R.

Segovia is only 1 ½ hours from Madrid by bus (starting at 8 euros round trip) and is a magical fairytale-esk town.  If you do a quick google search, you will quickly be told that you must visit the Alcazar, walk around the Cathedral, see the Roman Aqueducts, and eat suckiling pig. 

These are all musts (minus the pig- eat whatever you want.  I ate a calzone while there) but what you really must do is walk along the city wall and through the beautiful nature trails in the valley below the town.  You can find the trails by searching "La Hontanilla y Valle del Clamores" or "Paseo del Eresma."   The entrance to the trails is a little bit tricky to find-- but don’t give up, it is worth the struggle!   

These trails were by far my favorite part of Segovia.  It was a perfect escape from the tourist-packed streets and provided some of my favorite views of the town.  The trails loop around the city wall, curving around a stream, through a field,  around some old buildings, across a bridge, and back to the castle!  

Check out the photo gallery to get inspired for your own trip to Segovia.  Enjoy!

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