Discovering The True Meaning of Living in the Present Moment

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Erika N.

Erika N.

One of the perks of living in Madrid is being able to escape to any part of the city and experience a moment of pure bliss. While living here I have discovered that I am truly happy to call this city home. I look forward to going to work, meeting new people, strengthening my friendships with other CIEE participants and individuals who reside in Spain. I am grateful to also have a community in Alcala de Henares. Living away from my friends and family in the states is difficult (especially when I used to be a two-hour drive from my family.) But thankfully everyone is just a FaceTime phone call away. 

On Saturday I felt a sense of urgency to write down a few thoughts (the old fashioned way with pen and paper ;). I walked over to the Temple of Debod which is only a fifteen-minute walk from my flat (yes I know I said flat not apartment-it’s been heavily ingrained in my vocabulary since I’ve moved here.) I sat down on a park bench, placed my headphones in and played classical music, all while watching the sunset. As soon as my pen hit the paper, the words suddenly flowed through. I thought it would be nice to share this personal piece with you. I hope you enjoy, but most importantly I hope you find it to be enlightening; 



Moments like this remind me how beautiful it is to live in the present moment. 

Here I am sitting on a bench in the Temple of Debod. 

Living in Madrid has been nothing but a dream come true. 

This journey itself has not always been the easiest.

 Moving and living in another country I’ve encountered an array of obstacles. 

But each time I got over the “hurdle” I was reminded that anything is possible. 

You just have to believe in yourself and the process. 

I hope that you find the beauty in your day. 

 We all have a unique story.

 Don’t live your life in fear. 

Do the complete opposite. 

Just go out there and create one hell of a story. 

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