Completing my TEFL Certification

Authored by:
Ryan P.

Ryan P.

Hello everybody, I recently completed a 120 hour TEFL certification course which will become useful once I am over in Spain. The certification wasn't required, but I find it useful to have as it now gives me the confidence to know what I am talking about while teaching others and also adds to my teaching skills. It took me about 3 months to complete the course, but will be well worth it. My advice for others wanting to complete this course would be to not stress, as long as you are doing several modules every day or other day the course will get done. Also, take note of the video examples the course gives you if you are online, these help illustrate the principles of TEFL in action. Lastly, reward yourself in whatever way helps you complete the coursework. Go out to eat after a big unit, spend time with friends, or do anything that helps you feel refreshed and motivated to continue. This has been my experience with getting my TEFL certificate, and I hope you also have a good time getting yours!


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