Community Choice Awards 2019: CIEE Top Teach Abroad Provider

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CIEE Teach Abroad

We are happy to announce that CIEE has been recognized as the Top Teach Abroad provider of 2019 on!

What are the Community Choice Awards?

The Go Overseas Community Choice Awards recognizes the best travel organizations and providers in the world. They host over 10,000 providers on Go Overseas, which means there are thousands of reviews to consider for the awards! Winners were chosen by the 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on their program reviews.

This means that your reviews were recognized, and your voices were heard! As will reviews in the future.

What does it mean to be the Top Teach Abroad Provider?

Not all teach abroad providers are the same and it can be tricky to compare one provider to another given how many ways participants tend to evaluate their experience. While there are specific categories for benefits, support, fun, facilities, and safety this award recognizes the collective of ratings along with comments from actual participants who have first-hand knowledge of the experience CIEE provided.

Thanks to all of your good reviews, we can reach even more future teachers, continue to improve our programs, and continue to send participants on lifechanging journeys aboard.

What are people saying?

"CIEE has provided me with the best possible teaching experience that I could possibly ask for!" -Katherine

“My transition to Madrid was nothing but easy and carefree due to the helpful and constant support I felt from the CIEE staff.” -Stephanie

“I am so happy I decided to apply to teach overseas through CIEE. They provided so much support and when I got to my country, I was able to meet a lot of amazing people because of CIEE.”- Jennifer

Thank you to our staff and participants

Thank you to everyone who has left us a positive review and who have participated in one of our teach abroad programs! It’s truly a wonderful feeling to have the hard work of our staff be recognized in this way.

To learn more about the community awards visit the page here and Congratulations to the entire Teach abroad team!