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Annie L.

Annie L.

Madrid has a hold on people. This statement was mentioned to me about a month before moving to Spain, from a friend, and former Aux (something unbeknown to me at the time, until a question was brought up about my upcoming plans). Optimistic, and perhaps a little nervous, I was more than eager to hear more about his Madrid experience. Flash forward, (after a long rain filled April) May has arrived, the kids, teachers, faculty, and assistants are counting down the days for the end of the school year. The evenings are long in Madrid now and there’s something infatuating lingering in the air. Remember what he said? Madrid has a hold on people. If you ever find yourself lovesick with Madrid Spring, here are the best spring activities to take advantage of the extra daylight. 


1. Catch a Sunset

Full disclosure, the main takeaway of this post is the weather. The mild temperatures have come to stay! Take full advantage of the Mediterranean climate. Madrid’s city center has plenty of public parks to relax in. Retiro, Templo, and Manzanares River are a few of my favorites. Pick up a bottle of wine, some snacks, and bring a blanket for an evening hangout with friends. 

2. Attend an Event for San Isidro 

If you are in Madrid for San Isidro weekend, you’re in for a fun filled treat. The city becomes alive for the weekend of May 15th. Head to Parque San Isidro for an incredible ferria filled with carnival rides, food stalls, fireworks, and live music. The icing on the cake? Most of these events are free and offer various versions of celebrations all around the city (this year had concert stages located in the Plaza Mayor, the Jardines de las Vistillas, and Matadero). Pick up a red carnation and hop on the train to check it out for yourself. 

3. Brunch in the Park 

Now, this activity is perfect for those with an affliction for the wild side. The event is already too big for gatekeeping, and worth the hype. Brunch in the Park is an outdoor festival on Sundays hosted in Parque Lineal del Manzanares. Perfect way to end the weekend before heading back into the work week. The event typically lasts from 1pm - 10pm, starting in mid April, and runs until the end of May. Pick up a pair of sunglasses and a pack of gum on your way to the location.

4. Take a walk in Casa de Campo

This is a wonderful option after school or on a weekend morning in Madrid. Casa de Campo is vast, and not able to be explored with just one visit. Allow yourself to get lost in the green fields and blooming flowers. Pick up some allergy medicine and sunscreen first. 

5. Plan a day trip

There are plenty of locations easily accessible for the day from Madrid. If you’ve already hit the classics, Segovia and Toledo, check out something new. On my bucket list? The Monastery, San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The destination can be reached by taking the 661 or 664 buses from the city center, and entrance to tour the properties have free admissions on Wednesdays and Sundays 3pm - 7pm.  Pick me up on the way if you happen to head the direction. 

Seriously, Madrid has me right where she wants and is pretty committed to seducing me right now into never leaving. Perhaps this list will make the imminent breakup a little less intense.


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