Balancing Work and Leisure

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Martis R.

Many of my friends wonder how I am able to afford traveling all the time. The answer is pretty simple: I work remotely, so as long as I have internet connection, I can work from anywhere I want. I have been teaching as an ESL teacher for a year and a half now. Even though the workload for this program is part-time, I've had a full-time schedule since moving here. Before I started this program, I did everything to make sure that I could continue working with my clients. I moved schedules around so that I could have a few classes early in the morning, fulfill my duties at my school during the day, and then work with some more clients in the afternoon. Overall, I could say that I have about 6-8 hours of work per day.

Aside from working, I've tried to make the most out of my time here by traveling. I've seen many different parts of Spain, traveling to different cities every weekend (no joke). Renfe, the national railway network in Spain, makes it really easy to get from my village to other cities. However, these rides can be pretty long depending on which type of train you choose. You can opt for faster, more expensive trains, or slower, cheaper trains. I usually go with the latter to save money. If you're looking to travel by train, there will definitely be a correlation between the amount time spent riding and ticket prices. It's the same when it comes to flying somewhere. I usually search for the cheapest airlines, pack lightly to avoid baggage fees, eat before a flight to avoid buying food at the airport, and so on.

The catch here is, I don't save much (if any) of the money I make. I typically break even with my income and travel expenses. To some people this might seem like a stressful way to live, but I look at it a bit differently. I'm still young and have plenty of years ahead of me to work, so I'm not really worried about getting some high-status, corporate job. My goals right now are to travel and experience as much of the world as possible. My dream job would be to get paid while traveling the world. I know, it's pretty cliché... But whose dream wouldn't it be? ✈️

So how do I stay focused and combat burnout while working and living broad? I can give you these tips:

  • Go outside more. Whether it be taking a walk around your neighborhood or playing a sport outdoors, being out in nature and breathing fresh air helps relieve stress and clear your mind.
  • Take a break from the screens. This includes looking at social media, watching the news, streaming shows, and so on. Take some time to enjoy being in the present moment. Your eyes and quality of sleep will thank you for this.
  • Build healthy habits and start a routine. This will give you a sense of order and control over your life. Organizing your time around things that are important to you will bring you a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
  • Practice thinking positive thoughts. The phrase "You are what you eat" refers to the nutrients our bodies absorb when we eat. If you eat healthy foods, you will feel better physically and mentally. The same can be said about our perception of ourselves. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you're more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well.