Bad Case of F.O.M.O

Authored by:
Erin H.

Erin H.


Its about that time of the year when new Auxies are leaving home and embarking on a new adventure… well that is everyone expect me, it feels like.  Having a later orientation date means that not only am I missing out on experiencing Spain as soon as everyone else, but also that I have to watch everyone’s Instagram stories dancing in the clubs, having tapas in La Latina, or going on a boat ride in Retiro park.  As excited as I am for my adventure to start, I think it’s safe to say that I have a major case of F(fear).O (of).M(missing).O(out)!
It seems like ever since I left Spain and headed back to the States, I’ve been looking forward to getting back to the relaxing and beautiful country that is Spain.  There are many times when I find myself looking at the calendar 3 times a day, counting down the days until my departure, or reading articles about living in Madrid.  A much as I want to skip to that chapter of my life, I need to remember all the things in my life now, that I should enjoy while it’s here.  There’s my family and one year old nephew, who I will miss so much, or maybe my dear friends who I will miss getting drinks with right after work and tailgating a football game, and how could I forget the super unhealthy and fattening American cheeseburger that Spain just doesn’t seem to do right!  With 26 only days until my departure, I hope you all follow my journey and my adventures around Europe.  I hope to write about all my joyous times and all of the many misfortunes that are sure to come with moving to another country on your own, and don’t forget to reduce, reuse, recycles, and redesign!

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