And So It Begins

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Cassandra U.

Cassandra U.

Took a couple months but here I am.

Long story short, getting my placement was a rollercoaster of emotions, amibitions, and dreams. 

I'll be posting both on here and on my social media at least once a week, maybe more? I haven't quite figured out what my plan will be. 

My placement is in a private school in Jeju Island, South Korea. #islandlife I'll be working with young children getting first time exposure into the English language, specifically with the Speaking and Writing modalities. I just graduated from MSUM and got my degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Langauge. I'm excited and nervous to be going abroad. Honestly I'm still stuck in the visa process but I'm hoping to leave at the end of this month or the start of next month. I hope if I leave this month, that I'll be able to sneak over to the Minnesota State Fair and catch up with my best friend for a while. It's going to be weird not doing on Chicago/Girl's vacation trip we normally do every year. The last one was C2E2? 

Though we did hit up the Twin Cities for a few concerts...

Anyways, back to me. 

If you want to keep tabs on photos and more current information about me, social media is the best way to do it. This blog will most likely be a weekly thing. 

I'll be posting photos on Instagram, my official CIEE followed blog is: Icarus_Lives18 but I'm aiming to make my newest account dedicated to the trip. That account is: got.the.rhythm

Feel free to check out either one of them or both? The first one is a combination of a past account and current stuff. The new one will be strictly abroad related memories/photos/other stuff. It'll probably be a lot of cafe photos. 

I won't update much on here until I actually get to the island and start in with observing and teaching. Which could be a couple more weeks still. But yeah! Lets get it!

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