Adjustments in My Everyday Life

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Jennifer K.

Jennifer K.

Moving to a new country called for a few adjustments to my everyday life, and here are just a few of the differences I have found so far:

1. Paying in cash

I rarely use a credit or debit card anymore, because nearly everything runs on cash here. I always carry a small amount of bills whenever I go anywhere in case I ever want to buy anything.

2. Hang-drying laundry

Although washing machines are common in Thailand, dryers are not, so I hang my clothes up to dry after they have been washed.

3. Always eating out

It's actually more expensive to grocery shop in Thailand, so eating out is the way to go. This is even more convenient, because I don't have a kitchen in my apartment.

4. The bathroom

In Thailand, the toilet and shower are not separated and are in the same room. So, when I shower, the toilet gets wet as well, and the bathroom floor remains wet for a couple hours.

Although there are a few differences I have had to make since moving to Thailand, I think I have adapted well fairly quickly during my time here.

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