Adjusting to Life in Spain

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Melanie J.

When I first arrived in Spain, I was nervous, stressed, and tired. I had just arrived into the heat of Madrid after a sleepless overnight flight. I wasn't sure of how the pieces of the puzzle of living and working in Spain were going to fit together. I knew evenutally they would come together, but I was anxious of not having the details planned and ready for my life. During the first week of orientation, I learned so much about what living in Spain would be like and how I would tie any loose ends together. I had to set up a bank account, complete multiple documents in Spanish, and navigate public transportation. It was overwhelming at times, but I am so glad to be able to practice living in Spain before my work began. However, there are some key cultural differences I wasn't aware of before coming to Spain. First, it seems like Spainards do things at their own pace and their own time. In the United States, I was used to working hard to fitting things into a set schedule and time frame. However, here it seems like things are more relaxed when it comes to completing tasks and regular life itself. Don't get me wrong though, Madrid is still very busy with lots of people who are working hard to get their jobs done. Adjusting to life in Spain has been full of new experiences and ways of life I am not used to, yet I am still excited for what's to come in the future.

Hasta luego,