9 weeks away, but who is counting?

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Kristen N.

Kristen N.

Hello!  My name is Kristen Nunnelly and I am 27 years old.  I was born and raised in the midwest, but am currently living with my parnter and pup (aka mi hijo jaja) near Boulder, Colorado.  I love yoga, the mountains, hiking, cooking, reading, films and quality time with friends.  As I begin to write this post, I almost have to pinch myself that my departure to Spain is about to be real (EEKKKK 9 weeks away, but who is counting) ha !  I graduated with my undergrad in May 2020 and was planning on going abroad with CIEE that August; however we all know what happened yeah?  The devastation that the COVID pandemic brought is still something I, and I'm sure we all, are grappling with.  I think everyone experienced their own personal tragedies to varying degrees and for me it was the letting go of an incredible adventure.  I felt distraught when I decided to pull back from the Spain opportunity.  All these questions began to swirl in my head- what if I was getting too old to go abroad, maybe I should just go to grad school, is this a sign that I should put this dream of mine on hold?  Ever since my early 20s I have been in love with latinx culture.  Through my undergrad experience at a small school in Indiana, I studied linguistics, culture and literature of the Spanish language.  I received my B.A. in Spanish and hope to eventually work in non- profit immigration or become a bilingual therapist.  However, I have always had this wall with my confidence with the language.  It is easy for me to feel imposter syndrome and not feel sure of my abilities ( I'm sure anyone in the process of learning or who has learned a second language can understand- it's not easy!). Yet, as I reflect back on all the disappointments, loss and tragedy that the world has gone through, in varying capacities, I feel a sense of gratitude.  Through this novel time, I was able to let go of expectations of what I thought my life had to look like.  I began to release the notion of keeping up and being on the status quo track that society enforces.   I am so grateful for CIEE for guiding its participants through the taxing visa process, providing an orientation to help us feel settled as we arrive in Spain and the countless resources that are offered in the program to aid in having a positive experience.  I can't wait to share my journey with you all!  I am excited to blog through the culture shock, first days with my students, the amazing sights and FOOD!  See you soon Spain (:





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