5 Benefits of Solo Travel

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Erika N.

Erika N.

 When it came to solo traveling the only places I had ever traveled alone to where Los Angeles and Naples, Italy. These trips were just a brief taste of how truly wonderful solo travel is. Last month I planned a trip with a group of girls from CIEE. But the day before we were expected to travel I opened my Ryan Air app and noticed something very interesting… I had booked the wrong dates (this is why it’s important to double check your flight dates before officially booking your ticket.) I ran to my roommate Kerrina with my flight opened and we both couldn’t help but laugh. I had correctly booked my hostel but not my flight. Ironically weeks before I had discussed with my roommates that I wanted to go on a solo trip… Well it looked like that wish was going to come true (unexpectedly.) Despite missing out on the opportunity to travel with my friends I came to realize that this worked out in my favor. When it comes to solo travel I was able to break free from my fears, meet people from all over the world and feel complete gratitude for God’s grace & my family/friends. So I would love to share  5 reasons why you should embark on your own personal solo adventure;

1.Overcome your fears

When I arrived in Mallorca, I had no service to see where my Hostel was located. I had a mini panic attack, but I quickly realized that I could take a taxi and head over to my Hostel. It was actually quite pleasant to talk with my Taxi driver. He was able to refer some great places to go too. Even going to the beach alone was a bit nerve wracking. But once I got into the crystal clear ocean I felt absolutely free and my fears washed away. 

2.Eye-Opening experiences

It was incredible to walk all over Palma de Mallorca alone. I was able to be 100% more observant to my surroundings. I sat by the ocean where I watched the sunset and I remembered feeling at peace.  Close your eyes and listen to the ocean & embrace each and every moment.

3.Meet people from all over the world

I highly recommend that you stay in a hostel. This is a great way to meet people from all over the world. My bunkmates were from Brazil, Australia, Italy and Sweden. I loved hearing about their personal stories and what adventure they were off to next. The best part was that a woman from Brazil was also on a solo trip. The next day we decided to go to Cala Deià together. Where we ended up running into another person from the same hostel and we all hung out together. It just proved that you never know who you’re going to meet, but somewhere along the journey you will meet other people who are on the same solo adventure.

4.Complete Gratitude

Solo trips are a great time to reflect on life and your loved ones. I was able to reflect on how grateful I was for my friends and family back home. This journey all together has shown me that I am very blessed with the people that I have in my life. Because at the end of the day we are never really “alone” we have people who truly love and care for us too.

5.Treat your self

I ended up taking myself to a couple of dinner dates. I will admit it’s a bit awkward when you're surrounded by families and couples. But it’s really nice to learn how to be comfortable in your own presence. Treat your self to a nice dinner, get dressed up and order whatever you want on the menu.




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