3 Everyday Things That Make Spain Amazing

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Melanie J.

The coffee

I love going to the café near my apartment and spending time by myself journaling and drinking a cup of coffee. Compared to getting Starbucks coffee in the United States, a regular cappuccino is much cheaper here. Plus, it tastes amazing! I love that I can always rely on a good cappuccino whenever I am in a bad mood. It also gives me the excuse to get outside the apartment and interact with the community. 

The fashion

Everyday fashion in the United States is comfortable and casual. In Spain, it is completely different. Here, women dress in sophisticated long coats and black heels, accessorized with a pair of gold hoops. I love that dressing up is a common part of everyday fashion for people in Spain. Plus, it gives me the excuse to dress more fashionably as well. 

The community

Since moving to Spain, I have felt a new sense of community that I didn’t feel in the United States. Often, I find groups of senior women walking together in the park, or groups of men chatting and smoking outside a restaurant. I love that you can find people talking together just about anywhere here. Here, there is a genuine sense of togetherness that is rooted in spending time with one another and just talking over a café con leche.