24 Hours Before Departure...

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Martis R.

Martis R.

The time has come. Soon I will be boarding a plane for Spain, where I will be spending the next 3 months as a Language and Cultural Assistant in Sahagún. I'm always looking to do something new and get outside of my comfort zone, which is why I decided to apply for this program. I was really intruigued by what the program had to offer. I like the idea of having only a few hours per week at my school, which leaves some time for me to keep teaching the clients I already have remotely. That plus a three day weekend? It was a no-brainer for me to at least apply for this opportunity. I'll be honest, I was hesitant at first, but the more I researched CIEE and read about other teachers' and volunteers' experiences, the more comfortable and ready I felt.

My goals in life are to inspire people to do what they love and to make some sort of impact on their lives. I pray to one day have a voice that people want to listen to. I have been an ESL instructor for a little over one year now, and I feel like I've learned so much about many different people. I've learned that this job is very rewarding in that way. I get to communicate with people from different backgrounds and professions and to hear their thoughts and ideas about life. My goal for this program is to instil confidence in my students and their abilities and to inspire them to reach their full potential.

This week I've been steadily getting ready for this program. I have all of my necessary documents, I've packed my bags, and I am currently sitting in Riga International Airport typing my first blog post. I will fly in to Madrid tonight where I will soon meet CIEE coordinators and other fellow volunteers. Tomorrow we will all travel to Valladolid for orientation, where we will further meet our host families and school representatives. To say I am excited is an understatement.

I'm excited to have been chosen by CIEE to write blogs about my time during this program! I promise to keep you updated with high-quality content. Until next time. ✌️

- Martis

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