16 Days of Solitude

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Jennifer K.

Jennifer K.

In an effort to maintain low numbers of COVID-19 cases in Thailand, the government is requiring all non-Thai nationals entering the country to quarantine. I've made it out after spending 16 days and 15 nights alone in a hotel room, and I can say it was quite the experience.

In addition to a fabulous view of the stadium, the hotel room had everything I needed for the duration of my stay, and the hotel staff was always super accommodating whenever I requested something. Each morning, I would choose between three options for each of my three meals for the next day through a Google Form. Whenever I heard a knock on my door, I knew that breakfast, lunch, or dinner had been left on the table outside of my door. At the beginning and end of each day, I also took my temperature with the provided thermometer and messaged the nurse. On Days 5 and 12, I took additional COVID-19 tests (the most unpleasant nasal and throat swabs I have ever experienced).

After a couple of days to get adjusted to the time change, it was nice to get myself into a routine and fill my time. My quarantine routine looked something along the lines of:

- Wake up and eat breakfast

- FaceTime with my mom and sister

- FaceTime with friends back home

- OEG orientation Zoom calls

- Lunch & Netflix

- Nap and/or do something productive

- Blogilates workout

- Dinner & Netflix

- Teach VIPKid lessons

- Facetime with my mom

- Sleep

Quarantine was an experience I will never forget. My emotions definitely had its ups and downs, but being able to FaceTime friends and family back home helped battle the homesickness and loneliness I sometimes felt. Overall though, I felt excited to be in Thailand and getting closer and closer to exploring the country I’d be calling home for the next year.

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