Liam & Papas Shorts: A Global Intern's Professional Journey Through Graphic and Fashion Design in Berlin

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Liam Cullen is a student studying at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. In 2019, Cullen interned abroad in Berlin, Germany. He was a graphic and fashion design intern at a small start-up in Berlin. From merchandising to administrative work for the founders, to filming shorts for YouTube, we caught up with Cullen to hear how he benefited from his professional time abroad. 

AIC: What first inspired you to do an internship with AIC through your home university, Swinburne?

Cullen: A friend of mine had told me about a semester that they spent in Germany, and what a great time they’d had studying and travelling. Pretty soon after that I got an email from Swinburne advertising the AIC internships abroad – it sounded like a great chance to travel and get some professional work experience.

AIC: What was the easiest part of the internship application process?

Cullen: The easiest part was working with AIC and how responsive and helpful the team was whenever I had any questions or needed assistance.

AIC: Tell us about the placement process:

Cullen: I had a consultation with the AIC staff so they could understand what my professional interests and goals were. I let them know that I was interested in fashion and graphic design, and they set me up with a men’s fashion start-up. It was a perfect fit.

AIC: What was your role at your internship at Papas Shorts in Berlin?

Cullen: I had an amazing time working with co-founders Tom and Robert at Papas Shorts, as the in-house graphic designer. I worked on a variety of projects, from designing internal presentations, to studio photography for new products. 

AIC: What kind of professional network did you build while on the program?

Cullen: Through AIC we attended start-up events and met young entrepreneurs and professionals who gave us advice on starting our careers. I met a lot of fellow students who were doing an exchange or internship in Berlin. We became close friends and travelled around Europe together during our stay.

AIC: What was the biggest challenge you overcame while on your internship experience?

Cullen: One day at work we booked a photography studio to shoot some new products which had arrived. I don’t have much experience operating studio equipment and have never taken the lead during a shoot. It was an exciting, high-pressure experience within a limited time-frame but luckily we’d prepared enough and got through the day with all our shots. 

AIC: What was the biggest takeaway from Papas Shorts?

Cullen: I’ve always been interested in starting my own fashion label, and Tom & Robert showed me that it’s possible. They’ve faced some challenges but because they’re both really passionate and believe in their product, they were able to overcome these. They gave me a lot of insight into their funding and the sourcing & manufacturing of the clothing. A highlight for me was cycling around Berlin shooting a video for Papas Shorts’ YouTube channel!

AIC: What are your future hopes and dreams for your professional career? How did your internship help shape these?

Cullen: I’m hoping to save some money after I graduate and move to Berlin to continue working as a graphic designer. I fell in love with the city and the people, and can see a lot of creative opportunities in the city.

AIC: What advice would you give to someone considering an academic internship?

Cullen: Find the right company for you - find work that you’ll enjoy doing, and a team that you’ll love being a part of. Luckily the AIC staff are great at understanding what you’re good at and matching you with a local company that fits your interests. 


Photo for blog post Liam & Papas Shorts: A Global Intern's Professional Journey Through Graphic and Fashion Design in Berlin
Watch a day in the life of a Global Intern, as Liam learns the in's and out's of office and professional life in Berlin, Germany where he was an intern at Papas Shorts.

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