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We pride ourselves on being the industry experts when it comes to all things Internships and International Education. A part of our learning process is key discoveries from partners across the global internship spectrum. 

A recent piece in the PIE News shines a light on the tremendous success as well as the limits of Germany’s Apprenticeship model for training young adults for today’s economy. The article notes that though Germany has only ¼ the population of the U.S., it has four times as many apprentices. While critical to the success of traditional German industry and SMEs, this often-adulated model has proven insufficient in adapting to today’s high-tech sector and need for professionals with a strong digital skillset.

In contrast, the American model of digital training – short bursts of intensive training (i.e., coding bootcamps) – has been successful to a quickly adapting to the needs of today’s global economy.

What this says about today’s economy is also true for education: students will continue to graduate into a reliably fast-paced, automated, and evolving global economy. The CEO of EdEx, Anant Agarwal, identified three education trends that will revolutionize how we work in 2019: a new focus on hybrid skills, omnichannel and on-demand learning experiences (the challenge facing Germany), and continued ongoing commitment to the development of soft-skills.

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