London Open Campus Program Block 2 to be Delivered Online

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Because many students participating in the Open Campus Program in London, are concerned about the loss of credit if they leave  the UK before the end of Block 2,  CIEE London courses in the Open Campus Block program will be delivered online from Monday 16 March.

Thankfully, we have no reports of any CIEE participants or staff in London who have contracted COVID-19.  At this time, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not elevated their travel advisory for the UK and students may continue to use the Global Institute as their “home away from home.” Students who stay will continue receiving the same support and guidance that they have enjoyed from the London team. The CIEE Global Institute London will remain open and none of its programs are suspended or cancelled at this time.

CIEE respects the fact that everyone’s risk tolerance is different, so students may choose leave London and complete their CIEE courses online from home due to health and safety considerations, or they may choose to stay in London for the remainder of Block 2.

Students will receive information from the London Academic team about what this specifically will mean for each class. Many assignments and assessments are already delivered through our learning management system, Canvas, now, so we are hopeful this transition will not be too disruptive. Students who continue to participate as required through Canvas will be able to finish their courses and earn their credits for Block 2 as expected. Students who instead decide to withdraw from Block 2 and not complete their courses online will receive a grade of W.

We are currently assessing our course delivery strategy and how we can best support students for Block 3 in light of this rapidly changing situation. We will keep you updated.

Options for CIEE Open Campus Students Block 2

Students who are participants at the CIEE London Global Institute may:

  • Stay in London and continue to take Block 2 courses entirely online. Other program activities will continue as planned unless UK guidance changes.
  • Return home to conduct the remainder of Block 2 courses entirely online. Credits will transfer to the student’s home school, and students are advised to verify with their university that this option is permitted.
  • Request to withdraw from block 2 and receive a grade of Withdraw (W) for courses in progress.