Introducing the Inclusive Excellence Task Force

Authored By:

Quinton Redcliffe

CIEE is committed to ensuring that we foster an environment welcoming to people of all races, ethnicity, nationalities, religions, gender, sexual orientation, and those with disabilities. We endeavor to be inclusively excellent so that our students, staff, and service providers have a sense of belonging.

CIEE has a dedicated Inclusive Excellence Task Force, which is made up of employees throughout the organization who meet regularly to monitor, assess, and improve CIEE’s effectiveness at supporting diversity in all locations by tracking the most prevalent identity-related issues and providing appropriate support, training, and student service.

Next week, CIEE Center Directors from across the globe will convene online for our Worldwide Meeting, which will include a workshop during which the Inclusive Excellence Task Force will facilitate a discussion on best practices and will guide staff in a brainstorming session to generate ideas for how CIEE can be more inclusive in our hiring practices, marketing, application process, pre-departure, onsite orientation, housing, curriculum, and excursions.